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Many do not know that Led Zeppelin’s first ever concert was held in Copenhagen on 7 September 1968. There was a teenager named Jørgen Angel with a great passion for photography and music who was present to document the band from their humble beginning, performing at a Danish school youth club under the name of the New Yardbirds.

Jørgen understood that he was witnessing the birth of something magnificent. He followed them on their journey witnessing the transition from a newly formed band to legendary rock stars.
“I’d been looking forward to hearing the “Yardbirds” again, but when I arrived I saw a handwritten poster, stating “The New Yardbirds”! Then I knew something was wrong. Imagine that you had bought tickets to The Beatles and then “The New Beatles” turned up instead! Only one of the original members was left in the band – three completely unknown musicians. But when The New Yardbirds came on the stage and started playing, I was happily surprised by their energy. So captivated that I used a roll and a half of film on them – and that was expensive for a school boy. So that was a manner to measure my enthusiasm.” Jørgen Angel
Jørgen, a likeable young chap, befriended the band which enabled him to get closer and achieve more intimate, striking shots on and off stage when they were present in his city. Fifty years later he and Jimmy Page are still in touch and the rock star treasures Jørgen’s photography. Jorgen is releasing the full range of these images to the world for the first time in this new book – some few photos are famous, others rarely seen and most unseen. His photography evocatively transports the Zeppelin fan back to an incredible time and space in rock music history, zooming in on a significant two-year period of their career.

As well as the photography, the accompanying narrative, written by music historian, Søren Vangsgaard, explores the emerging Danish rock scene and offers a new perspective on Led Zeppelin, with interviews and memories shared from the photographer himself, their tour manager, Jerry Ritz, to the fortunate support acts of the time.

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