Threatin announce return to London after infamous hoax UK tour

He’s back to the scene of the crime…

US rocker Jered Threatin has announced he’ll return to London’s Underworld this evening, exactly a year after his infamous show that saw him playing to a near-empty crowd at the Camden club.

Despite boasting an apparently healthy following on social media, the Underworld stated Threatin played to an empty room in November last year, despite claiming to have sold almost 300 tickets in advance. It later transpired Threatin had exaggerated his apparently popularity and crowds of a similar size were seen across his UK tour.

Now it’s been confirmed that Threatin, real name Jered Eames, is set to make a sensational return to the scene of the original gig. Posting on Twitter earlier this year, he confirmed that he will play at the Underworld on November 1, joined by metallers Evyltyde, who supported him at the original show. Tickets for tonight’s show are available to buy here. 

At the time, Eames admitted that his stunt was an attempt to show up the apparent flaws in the music industry.

He told Rolling Stone: “The fact that people look at these numbers that are so easily fictionalised and hold them as any kind of merit — that shows a huge flaw in the music industry, as well.”

Eames also said that he fabricated ‘likes’ and booked the tour to bring rock music back into focus, claiming he took inspiration from rock “villains” like Marilyn Manson as well as the chameleon nature of David Bowie.

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