The 1975 Explain Anxiety In Easy Terms On The Mysterious ‘Frail State Of Mind’

We all deal with various kinds of anxiety, and it comes in many forms. That stone at the top of your stomach when you think about the test you have tomorrow. That slight dizzy spell that you just realized is bothering you when you’re at a crowded event and hundreds of voices are going on at once. Being unable to stop your hands from sweating while you’re holding someone’s hand and hoping that they don’t notice. The 1975‘s new song, “Frail State Of Mind” is about this fear and apprehensiveness, delivered with a foggy whirl of thick drums and misty atmosphere. You’ll find yourself in the lyrics at various points in your life and immerse yourself in the moment, for this one time. This is what anxiety sounds like.

“Frail State Of Mind” sounds like a racket. Drums crawl around and constantly smash into each other as elastic synths unfurl and roll back up. Frontman Matty Healy’s whispers apologies for not answering the phone (“I’m sorry that I missed your call/I watched it ring”),  not wanting to go out with friends (“And I’ll just leave at nine/Don’t wanna bore you with my frail state of mind”), and much more. He sounds cheery with his apology, but there’s a false sense of peace with his delivery. You can imagine the pang of disappointment that he feels by not living up to what he perceives to be the standard that the world expects of him. We’ve all been there. The song’s outro is a refrain of the title that sinks beneath your skin and into your chest. This mysterious song makes that anxiousness go away, ironic enough. Maybe that’s been the solution to this problem all along: recognition, acceptance, and honesty.

“Frail State Of Mind” will appear on the 1975’s forthcoming album Notes On A Conditional Form that’s set to drop on February 21, 2020. In July, they released “The 1975” which features the 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg reading a speech beckoning for the world to recognize and take action for the preservation of our climate.

Listen to the 1975’s primer on anxiety up above.


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