Taylor Swift Talks The Lack Of ‘Creative Constraints’ While Making Lover

Taylor Swift has been pulverizing the charts of popular music for the last thirteen years. It’s amazing to think about just how far she’s come musically over the course of seven albums, evolving into a titan of the music industry and establishing control over her career pathway. In a new interview with Music Week, Swift opens up about the necessary advocacy for artists that comes with her status in the industry and how important it is to create a great place in music. In short, without it, there would be a lot of people out there getting screwed over. She also talked a bit about the idea of creative control at this point in her career and how it contributed to her most recent album, Lover.

It’s no secret that Swift is one of the biggest musicians in the world. As Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Realizing this (but most likely not from the previous quote), Swift has made it a mission to advocate for artists and creators at all levels, whether it’s for standing up labels, streaming services, or anything in between.

“I’m one of the only people in the artist realm who can be loud about it,” she said. “People who are on their fifth, sixth, or seventh album, we’re the only ones who can speak out, because new artists and producers and writers need to work. They need to be endearing and likable and available to their labels and streaming services at all times. it’s up to the artists who have been around for a second to say, ‘Hey guys, the producers and the writers and the artists are the ones who are making music what it is.’ And we’re in a great place in music right now thanks to them.”

Swift also talked briefly about Lover. The glitzy album, purified in pastels, is Swift at her most bold, buttery, and free. “In my previous situation, there were creative constraints, issues that we had over the years,” she said. “I’ve always given 100 percent to projects; I always over-delivered, thinking that the generosity would be returned to me. But I ended up finding that generosity in a new situation with a new label that understands that I deserve to own what I make.”

“That meant so much to be because it was given over to me so freely,” she said. “When someone just looks at you and says, ‘Yes, you deserve what you want after a decade or more of being told, ‘I’m not sure you deserve what you want,’ – there’s a freedom that comes with that. It’s like when people find ‘the one,’ they’re like, ‘It was easy, I just knew and I felt free.’ And that made me feel I could make an album that was exactly what I wanted to make.”

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