“One of the best scenes” in ‘Joker’ was cut, says Joaquin Phoenix

And Todd Phillips’ policy on deleted scenes means it will never see the light of day

Joaquin Phoenix has revealed that what he believes to be “one of the best scenes” in Joker was cut from the film.

The DC origin story hit cinemas at the start of the month.

In a new interview with Phoenix and Joker director Todd Phillips on Collider, it’s revealed that one of the star’s favourite moments from the film ended up being shelved.

The pair revealed that the first cut from the film was over half an hour too long, and so a number of scenes had to be cut. “There’s plenty of deleted scenes, yeah, but they’re not going to be on the DVD. I don’t do deleted scenes,” Phillips said. “The movie that exists is exactly the movie we want it to be— I feel like all that adding deleted scenes do is confuse it.”

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Phoenix then revealed that what he sees as “one of the best scenes” in the movie didn’t make the cut, and, in line with Phillips’ policy, it will never be released.

The scene he speaks of sees Arthur Fleck and Randall walking upstairs towards the Ha-Ha’s offices.

Speaking of his reaction to the director’s decision, Phoenix added: “That’s just what’s so cool about movies, right? You can have a great scene, it’s something that makes sense, but the movie is the collection of all of these scenes and they have to work together to tell the story, and it actually made that whole sequence so smooth.”

In other Joker news, the film’s cinematographer Lawrence Sher has put one of the film’s biggest mysteries to bed.

After securing the biggest October box office opening in history, ‘Joker’ is now set to become the highest grossing R-rated movie ever made.

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