‘Little Britain’ is set to return for Brexit-themed Radio 4 series

EU commission says no

Comedy sketch show Little Britain is set to return for a one-off special about Brexit, 12 years after the show ended.

The special episode will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4, where Little Britain started in 2000 before making the jump to TV. Sioned Wiliam, commissioning editor for Radio 4 comedy, said: “Matt Lucas and David Walliams are uniquely talented writers and performers as well as one of the UK’s most loved comedy duos.

Matt Lucas had previously ruled out a continuation of Little Britain, saying he believed certain aspects of the show would be considered too offensive in today’s climate.

The hit sketch show ran for three series from 2003 to 2005 and was the creation of Lucas with comedy partner David Walliams. Appearing on Loose Women to promote his autobiography Little Me, Lucas said that the pair had grown more politically correct over the years – and would be unlikely to return to certain characters.

Little Britain is about 15 to 16 years old now, we all got old,” he said. “And I think you would do things differently now.

“There was a character who was a rubbish transvestite who said ‘I’m a lady’. She was fun at the time but I think we look differently at the transgender community now and it would be very hard to do that now. It would be very hard to play characters of other races now and even Marjorie. People talk about that now in terms of fat shaming. We would definitely approach it very differently.”

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