Listen to the hazy, stripped-back new Yung Lean track, ‘Blue Plastic’

The song deals with themes of isolation and loneliness.

Yung Lean has shared a hazy new track today. You can listen to ‘Blue Plastic’ below.

Produced by Sad Boys member Gud, the slow, hazy, low-fi track deals with themes of isolation and loneliness and is described in a press release as “firmly like a de-accelerated ignition, its subdued melodic composition detonating and shimmering all over the shambling beat like fireworks in slow-motion.”

Lyrics include: “Everyone’s got ideas, but they’re all wrong/Nobody wants to get it, but they’re all foretold…I exposed myself, I’m done, I’m down/I’m done, I’m down.”

You can listen to the new song below:

In an interview with NME, Young Lean described his chameleon like nature: “Lean is like water: he’s always changing due to the temperature; how he’s feeling,” explains the rapper.

“Lean could be on some Sid Vicious punk shit one day, and then on some heartbroken Justin Timberlake/Nelly Furtado shit [the next]. Lean just follows his heart wherever it wants to go.”

Reviewing his 2017 album, ‘Stranger’, NME said: “In 2012, the Swedish rapper – real name Jonatan Leandoer Håstad – made apathy and despondency his winning formula. Breakthrough viral track ‘Ginseng Strip 2002’ is a nostalgia-laced tale of STIs and opiates that kickstarted Lean’s Sad Boy movement (the name given to his Stockholm crew and bucket hat-wearing fans).

“Since then, Håstad has steered his codeine-soaked songs in the direction of pop. ‘Stranger’ doesn’t go full Timberlake, but he’s getting there…While their songs are catch-all anthems of overindulgence, his stories feel real and personal…Tragedy surrounds Yung Lean’s work, and ‘Stranger’’s best moments find him channelling turmoil into something cathartic.”

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