Julie Andrews “didn’t feel worthy” of her Oscar so hid it in her attic for years

She won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in the 1964 Disney classic ‘Mary Poppins’

Julie Andrews has revealed that she hid the Oscar she won for Mary Poppins in her attic for years because she “didn’t feel worthy of it.”

The actress won the Best Actress gong for her debut role as magic nanny Mary Poppins in the classic 1964 Disney musical.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show to promote her new autobiography, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, the 84-year-old, sitting alongside other guests Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, said she felt she had been given the award as a welcome gift as she was new to the industry and that she hadn’t earned it.

“l kept the Oscar in the attic for a very long time because I thought I’d been given it as a ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ and I didn’t feel worthy of it,” she told Norton, before adding that so much success early on sent her “into therapy and analysis,” and that she had to learn “to do it right and honour the films you are making. It’s a huge gift, but a lot of obligation.”

She was nominated for another Oscar the following year for The Sound of Music. She received another nod in 1983 for her role in musical Victor/Victoria.

Last year, Dick Van Dyke revealed that he was so intent on playing a second part in Mary Poppins, he ended up paying Walt Disney for the privilege.

Van Dyke, who starred as lovable chimney sweep Bert alongside Julie Andrews in the 1964 classic, also played Mr. Dawes Senior. But the role, which saw him caked in make up to appear much older, didn’t come easily and the actor has revealed that he had to persuade Walt Disney to give it to him – eventually offering money in return for the part.

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