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Jelte Steven Tuinstra a.k.a. Jett Rebel, is an extraordinarily versatile Dutch singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist. He learned to play and write music from a very young age: before he turned ten, he was able to play drums, piano and guitar flawlessly. Ever since, he’s been famously hardworking to a fault, underscored by his massively energetic live shows that often last for up to 3 hours without ever losing focus nor energy. As an artist he is full on: over the last 5 years he’s played over 250 festivals and sold out 7 club tours! And he doesn’t rest when he gets home: if he’s not on stage, he’s in his studio recording albums. For Jett it is vital his fans get only the best from him and nothing less will do. We caught up with Jett following his first ever UK show.

Hi Jett, you played London last night. How do you find UK audiences?

I loved it! I was received with so much love. If every audience in the UK is like this, I never wanna play anywhere else again.

It must be interesting switching between festivals and intimate shows. How does the size of audience alter your performance?

I love the contrast. As far as my performance goes, it doesn’t change much. I always give my everything.

What is your favourite venue to date?

Wow that’s too difficult to answer, sorry.

You are now over half a decade into a recording career. What has been the ultimate accolade?

Seeing all the records stand next to each other in my closet.

What is the hardest lesson you have learnt?

That what I always thought was pop music, has died.

And the best piece of advice you have received?

Mostly technical stuff about recording comes to mind. I love being in the studio.

Who gave it?

Legendary audio engineers probably.

Your latest album is Yeah Yeah Yeah No, tell us the creative process behind it?

We just got together in a studio and started playing. Everything you hear is as it was played live in the studio.

Who were your key influences?

For this album? Just everyone who was at the sessions. We had good fun and worked hard. Also playing a shit load of cool guitars helps me to find the right inspiration.

If you could achieve one thing with the album, what would it be?

I just wanna play a million shows every day.

Which song were you most excited for people to hear?

I like all the songs, but picking one, maybe “I See You”.

Your output is prolific, with at least one release a year since 2013. Have you started work on the next one yet?

Of course. I record at least 3 records every year. They just don’t all see the light of day.

Netherlands won Eurovision this year. Would you ever consider representing your home country?

No I would not.

Lastly, if you could record an album of duets, who would be your dream partner?

Ariana Grande, and then I might make a move in between recording.

Jett Rebel plays Camden Assembly on Monday 30 Seprember 2019.

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