Imagine Dragons get Donald Trump’s former assistant kicked off YouTube

Sebastian Gorka was a big ‘Radioactive’ fan, it seems

US President Donald Trump‘s former Deputy Assistant has been banned from YouTube – all thanks to Imagine Dragons.

Sebastian Gorka, a conservative commentator who briefly worked for the POTUS back in 2017, uploaded his America First radio shows to the video streaming platform shortly after their initial broadcast.

Over the summer, Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds was made aware that Gorka used the band’s 2012 hit, ‘Radioactive’, on a regular basis. The musician responded by claiming that he’d “never given permission” for use of the track in the show.

“Please stop playing imagine dragons on your show @SebGorka,” he tweeted. See that post below.

Reynolds reiterated his point on a number of occasions over the past month or so, writing on October 25 that Universal Music Publishing Group were attempting to block any videos containing the single. “Losing my mind on this. Thanks for keeping on my radar,” he tweeted as part of last month’s update.

Now, Daily Beast reports that Reynolds and his publisher’s efforts have paid off – with Gorka’s YouTube channel being deleted. A spokesperson for the streaming site told the outlet that the account “was terminated due to multiple copyright strikes”.

Though the spokesperson declined to reveal which specific song had prompted the block, Universal Music Publishing Group had filed complaints against the site.

Dan Reynolds, meanwhile, has teamed up with Yungblud on his ‘The Underrated Youth’ track, ‘Original Me’. The pair performed the collaborative single live together for the first time last month.


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