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“I’ve seen you skating. You’re pretty shit.”


Since its premiere on Netflix in January 2018, quirky teen drama The End Of The Fucking World has been the talk of the Internet. Channel 4 must be pretty pissed – the eight-part series first premiered on the terrestrial channel back in October 2017. But due to literally nobody watching live television anymore, most of us missed it. More fool us, eh?

Well, now you’ve binged it all, you’re probably wondering what’s going to happen next. What happened to James as he pegged it down the beach? Was he shot by the armed police? Is he dead? There’s so many questions left to answer. Here’s everything we know so far about The End Of The Fucking World season 2.

New updates:

  • A new teaser trailer for season 2 sees someone out to get Alyssa
  • More new images and another new character revealed
  • A release date has finally been revealed for season 2 of the Channel 4 show
  • New photos on the show’s Instagram reveal a new character, and a first look at season two Alyssa
  • Graham Coxon is also confirmed to return with the soundtrack for the new series
  • Jessica Barden, who plays Alyssa, has shared a photo of the completed script for season two – confirming that shooting has begun.
  • Season two was officially green-lit in August 2018.
  • The show will return to Channel 4 in the UK for season two, while it’ll air in Netflix in other countries.

What’s the release date for The End Of The Fucking World Season 2?

After it was previously revealed that season 2 of The End Of The Fucking World would come out in November, an exact release date has now been confirmed. It will premiere on Channel 4 on November 4 but won’t be available on Netflix until at least a year afterwards.

The news comes after lengthy speculation over whether Netflix or Channel 4 would decide to stump up for more episodes. 

Speaking about the possibility of a second season, Alex Lawther previously said: “It was based on a comic book series by Charles Forsman and the comics end where our episodes end. It would give [writer Charlie Covell] a chance to explore something from her imagination. I would be very excited about [that] because I think she’s brilliant. So we’ll see, basically.”

The show will return to Channel 4 in the UK, while appearing on Netflix in the rest of the world. Season 1 appeared on Netflix in the UK only three months after its Channel 4 release, but Channel 4 boss Ian Katz has stated that he intends to keep Season 2 off the streaming service for significantly longer.

Talking to Deadline in 2018, he said: “Next time we’ll run the whole series on the channel, then there will be a conventional hold back of more than a year before people see it on Netflix. It really bugs me that people think that show is a Netflix show; I really want to reclaim ownership of it – it’s absolutely a Channel 4 show.”

Any trailers for the second season yet?

A short 40-second teaser has been shared, and it poses plenty of questions. Statements such as “a fresh start” and “a vendetta” pop up on the screen in the clip, which begins with Alyssa in what appears to be a wedding dress.

It’s not all rosy, though: later in the trailer she receives a bullet in the post with her name on it… literally. Check it out below.

Has filming begun on season two?

Yes! Jessica Barden, who plays Alyssa in the show, tweeted a photo of the script for season two on March 4, confirming that shooting had begun.

Are there any photos yet for The End Of The Fucking World season 2?

Yes! At the start of September, the show’s Instagram account reposted a post from Jessica Barden, giving fans a first look at Alyssa in season 2. “Fuck it, here we go again,” she wrote alongside the photo, as deadpan as ever.

Another teaser then also revealed the entrance of a new character called Bonnie, set to be played by Naomi Ackie. “This is BONNIE,” she wrote on Instagram. The End of the F***ing World is back for series 2 and I’m joining the F***king cast.”

“Tune into the world premiere of series two in the UK on @Channel4, or watch on @Netflix soon after everywhere else this November.”

Two more photos from the second season were released in October. One showed Alyssa outside a woodland cafe wearing a wedding dress, while the second gave a first look at another new character – motel owner Gus, played by Tim Key. See both images below now.

The End Of The Fucking World Jessica Barden

Jessica Barden (Alyssa)

The End Of The Fucking World Tim Key

Tim Key (Gus)

Who’s doing the soundtrack for The End Of The Fucking World season 2?

As with season 1, Blur guitarist Graham Coxon will return to provide the soundtrack for season 2.

What’s the plot for The End Of The Fucking World season 2?

As of yet, this is unconfirmed.

Although the series has been confirmed for a second run, there’s been no sign of what could happen if that does happen.

However Jessica Bardem has expressed some ideas for the plot of season 2: “Maybe Alyssa and James could go on another road trip and find drag queens and then RuPaul could be in the show,” she told W Magazine. “That would be amazing. I’d love that.”

Speaking to Digital Spy, Alex Lawther revealed that Jess had some other ideas about what could happen in a second series: “”She was saying how she would like the second series to start with a musical on the beach — taking a role in a musical version of The End of the F***ing World, which I would be completely up for!”

the end of the fucking world season 2

Alyssa and James share a moment on the beach in The End Of The Fucking World

Series creator Jonathan Entwistle opened up about the first season’s ambiguous end in February 2018, and reasoned that the question of whether James lived or not wasn’t actually the show’s most important issue.

“No, I don’t necessarily think it does [change the message of the show]. In some ways, the cleanest, most epic, emo teenage ending is what we have,” Entwistle told Collider. “And it’s literally like the crystallised version of this heightened world that we have there at the end. So, to a certain extent, it’s the perfect circle for James. He always thought he was a psychopath, but meeting Alyssa made him deal with the things that… he obviously wasn’t a psychopath and he sort of knew that all along.

“And then he became her protector, if that makes sense, and then he realises that the biggest sacrifice to save everything is to run at the end, essentially; is to leave, to split up from her because by association with him, she’s just going to have kind of a bad life. She’s going to have a bad life anyway, which is the most teenage decision. So it’s like he’s super chivalrous, and he’s like: ‘Oh, I’m going to do this.’

“But actually, it doesn’t make any difference either way what he does. They’re done for anyway, which is quite a teenage decision-making process.”

In another interview with Thrillistthe creator spoke about ways in which they could “continue the tone of the show” through Season 2.

“We’re looking at what the people who loved the show are saying, to see how we can unpack that and how we could continue the tone of the show. Because I think that is so crucial. For me, it’s about James and Alyssa – and I think that’s what people have connected with. I think a season two would have to involve James and Alyssa somehow.

“I just love the world of them out there on the road, doing something in a weird world. So for me, any story that we expand keeps them out there somewhere.”

Which of the cast members could return for The End Of The Fucking World Season 2?

To recap, Season 1 saw Alyssa (Jessica Bardem) and James (Alex Lawther) run away from home, break into a random home and kill the owner in self-defence. They then went on the run from the police, but ended up cornered on a beach with armed officers closing in. The final scene sees shots fired at James as he sprints towards the sea. We cut to black and his fate remains unknown.

Taking this into account, it’s difficult to know which of the cast might return. It’s unlikely that either of the main characters could be left out. But if James is dead, then maybe Season 2 could follow the fallout and Alyssa’s return to normal life.

Lawther recently told NME: “What we are left with is very open-ended. It’s just that gun shot and then fade to black. A part of me thinks it’s almost too perfect, too Romeo and Juliet if he died. I don’t think James and Allysa would stand for that. They’d think they were more complicated than that. They’re not hopeless romantics and life isn’t like that. Life is not a Shakespearean tragedy, there’s more mundanity. Given the tone of the series, it might be interesting if they actually had to deal with the consequences of their actions.”

When Lowther’s co-star Jessica Bardem was asked whether she’d be interested in reprising her role in the future, she told W Magazine: “The show is a dream job so I would love to do it again. But I’m just the actress so I read scripts, show up somewhere, and do what I’m told. It’s other people’s decisions. I am just the lowly actress.”

Of course, nothing has been announced yet. But the plot leaves the producers with almost unlimited possibilities for The End Of The Fucking World Season 2.

Will Graham Coxon do the soundtrack for The End Of The Fucking World Season 2?

He wants to!

Blur’s premier guitar wizard made his first foray into the world of TV this year when he composed TEOTFW soundtrack. His 16 original songs of ‘60s influenced folk-rock meshed perfectly with the script’s po-faced humour. It’s hard to imagine anyone else matching the show’s vibe as well.

Coxon has exclusively told NME he’s “interested” in doing more soundtrack work because he “had such a good experience”.

He added: 
I have no idea if there is gonna be one [Season 2]. Obviously there is two ways of looking at it, if you want to keep the great work as is or take a risk to take it further. Of course I’d love to be involved.”

The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score)

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