Dial this number to listen to a mysterious teaser of Kesha’s new song

Call 1-855-KESHASAVS

Want to hear a snippet of Kesha‘s new song? The pop star has released a list of phone numbers you can call for a sneak peek of new music.

Late last night (October 17), Kesha shared a list of international phone numbers on her social media, asking her fans to “call her” if they wanted to “get blessed”. “Time’s runnin’ out to get blessed!!!! 💒💒 Don’t wait!” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram video post that featured the singer in a retro television commercial.

“Call now and add yourself to the🔥 hellraiser phonebook 🔥so I can always update you and bless you with some sacred secret information. Call 1-855-KESHASAVS,” Kesha added. Dial the number provided and you will be led to a spooky voice message that announces the pop star’s return. You can view the full list of numbers to call on her official website or check it out below:

In September, Kesha revealed that she plans to release new music “very soon”. “ANIMALS!!!! yall deserve to know first…..New Music Is Coming VERY Soon!!!! So excited! Spoiler alert – I Got My Balls Back,” she tweeted.

Speaking to Billboard last month, the singer-songwriter shared that she’s been busy working on a follow-up to her heartfelt 2017 comeback album, ‘Rainbow’. “I dug through the emotional wreckage, and now… I can go back to talking a little bit of shit,” she said.

“I really wanted to put a solid footprint back into pop music, like, ‘I can do this, and I can do this on my own.’ I don’t know if this is my last pop record, but I want to have one where I go out with a bang,” the pop star explained.

Earlier in the year, Kesha shared ‘Rich, White, Straight, Men’, a new song that tackles serious issues like equality, the gender pay gap, LGBTQ+ rights and more.

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