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Formed back in 2006, Davina and the Vagabonds have for a very long time been a buzz band of the live jazz circuit. While they have released live recordings over the last decade, they have finally entered the recording studio for their latest album Sugar Drops. We caught up with Davina and the Vagabonds ahead of their Edinburgh Jazzfest appearances to learn a little more.

Hi Davina, for those not in the know, can you quickly introduce yourself… Your band are the Vagabonds. How did you piece them together?

I moved to Minneapolis, hit the ground running and found musicians through the scene here.

What inspired their name?

At the time, I was the Vagabond out of the group, really. I was a traveling musician and that is the world I knew – I though it was an appropriate name with an amazing goal – to travel the world and make people happy through music.

Your latest album is entitled Sugar Drops. Can we expect all sorts of sweetness from it?

Absolutely! I think each song is a special little Sugar Drop in my world. Even the sad tear drop songs have a healthy outcome… the sweetness of expression, in my opinion, is the only way to go.

The lead single is Little Miss Moonshine. How do you select singles?

This one specifically was chosen by my record company. I think I was so close to the album, at that time. Maybe too close. It was hard for me to see what was best to first share.

Which song from the record are you most excited for people to hear?

All of them for different reasons.

Do you get nervous in the build up to a new release?

YES! I’m a huge bottle of nerves in general. Its hard to be that vulnerable at times. I hate the idea of judgement and rejection. I share songs to know that people can relate and I hate the idea of people not understanding my heart and words.

If you could achieve one thing with the album, what would it be?

To move someone and possibly help them through something.

You are currently on a huge world tour. Are you showcasing Sugar Drops?

I am – I am playing my heart out on these new songs.

Your UK jaunt sees you spend a week at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, what can people expect?

Honesty, my heart, my love, and lots of smiles.

Do you have any plans to return to visit the rest of the UK?

I always try my hardest to come to the UK. I spend all my extra time learning UK history in hopes to see the places I learn about. My brother lives in Nottinghamshire. He was born in the UK (My Dad loved the ladies) I love the opportunity to see him when I can.

Lastly, if you could record a duet with any one British artist, who would you pick?

Jools Holland, Robert Plant, Roy Harper – Robert Smith – Siouxsie Sioux … oh my I could go on and on though. Seriously.. I can’t pick one.

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