Comic series ‘Bone’ to come to Netflix in new animated TV series

Jeff Smith’s celebrated comic book has had various failed attempts to hit the screen

A new TV series based on the comic book series Bone is coming to Netflix.

The show has previously been the subject of multiple attempted adaptations, but none have made it.

So far, Bone has become a brief computer game series, and had failed attempts to be brought to the big screen by both Nickelodeon and Warner Bros.

As Deadline report, the latest attempt to adapt the lauded series comes from Netflix, who are playing an animated TV series.

Speaking about the new plan, Smith says: “I’ve waited a long time for this.

“Netflix is the perfect home for Bone. Fans of the books know that the story develops chapter-by-chapter and book-by-book. An animated series is exactly the way to do this! The team at Netflix understands Bone and is committed to doing something special — this is good news for kids and cartoon lovers all over the world.”

Bone originally published from 1991 to 2004, totalling 55 issues. In 2005, it was then chosen as the launch title for new graphic novel imprint Graphix Books.

No release date for the Netflix adaptation of Bone has been announced yet.

It was revealed that Netflix will also be developing a new Big Mouth spinoff series called Human Resources.

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